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We believe that everything we do should be in the service of helping and enriching the lives of others, without sacrificing the health and happiness of our own.

If our motto resonates with you, you might be a great fit for our team.

Benefits of Working for Us

We believe in a work-life balance

If you need to take time from your 9-5 to take the kids to and from school, or take your dad to his doctors appointment, or give yourself a 3 day weekend for any reason (as long as all your work gets completed), we 100% support you.

We Work Remote

We don’t have a centralized office space, and we don’t want to have one either. All of our employees need to be self motivating, and have a space in their own home to have a place to work.

If you don’t have a space, we can arrange to pay for a dedicated desk in a shared co-working space or give you a pre-paid coffee card so you can work from a coffee shop.

Continuing Education

If taking some sort of online course or training would help you help us, we’re happy to pay for it. We do ask that you get permission for it first, but that shouldn’t be a problem once you’re apart of the Helpful Family.

We Fund Your Passions

As a non profit, our number 1 goal is to help people. After working with us for at least a year, we want you to spearhead a project or take part in a program that means something to you.

Our CEO has a major passion for helping Veteran’s with PTSD. What’s yours?

Available Jobs

We have jobs available, but we’re working on updating them all at this time. Please check back in the future to see what comes available.